Looking for Article Marketing Books? While there is so much out there on the Internet that can be found about article marketing. It’s important to find something that will be able to teach you everything from beginner procedures to advanced working techniques.

books, which is actually an Internet marketing community and must have for any serious marketer here at WAU TimesThe agent had based his estimation on the sales that his best-selling local author was achieving but a few weeks later he called Richard to say,

“Rick, you’re going to need more books.”

“How many?”

But the agent was reluctant to say. This was now unknown territory to him. A Christmas Box was performing beyond expectations but for how long it would continue to do so was difficult to tell.

Richard’s intuition told him to print 20,000 more copies but he cautiously printed another 10,000 copies and dispatched them to the bookstore. That was on 3rd September. On the 6th September he received another call requesting more books.

“I sent another 10,000 copies. Didn’t you receive them?”

They had but they were now shipping this book at a rate of 3,000 copies per day. It was unprecedented.

Richard decided that it was time to build on his local success and take his book national.

He was ill-prepared for the countless rejections he received. He said he felt as though he were being mugged every day. But he knew from the numerous testimonials he was receiving that this book was indeed life-changing and so he persisted with his book marketing campaign.

He talked about his book to anyone that would listen. He did countless radio interviews. And, by Christmas of the next year he had a breakthrough. People’s Magazine contacted him to do a feature story. Then he was contacted by the Today’s Show and suddenly A Christmas Box took on a new lease of life.

Major publishers started queuing up to buy the rights to publish this book. The first was Warner Books. Their representative didn’t beat around the bush. He told Richard Evans that he was authorised to offer him $2 million dollars for his book – a lot of money.

Richard turned down the offer.

Next was Disney who embellished their publishing offer with the offer of an exclusive vacation for himself and his family at Disney World.

“Will Mickey Mouse present the cheque?” asked Richard.

“If you like,” was the glib reply.

All article marketing books agree that It’s a great way to get exposure to a product/website as normally article directories have great rankings with major search engines such as Google, and they also have thousands of loyal follows always look for information. Article directories such as Ezinearticles.com will in most cases allow you to submit a free article that could potentially rank on the front page of Google very fast if you have done a few of the basic article writing principles.

This is what makes this form of marketing so accessible to everyone, that wants to make money online. How do you make money? Simple. You submit an article with a link to the product/website that you want to promote. Then, someone reads the article, they click the link through to the website/product page and buy the product, if interested. If they buy you earn a commission because you referred them.

When it comes to choosing the right books make sure you don’t fall for the hundreds of scams out there promising that you can make thousands of dollars overnight. There are many techniques to article marketing, but there is one that has been proven time and time again. Any true article marketing will adhere to this technique because it’s proven. Learn about the best article marketing

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