The Under the Redcoat weekend that was concluded June 26th brought to life 18th century Williamsburg which was still occupied by the British Army. Revolutionary war re-enactors put their heart and soul into the celebration that provided programs and presentations in Colonial Williamsburg. As outlined by this Daily Journal report, vacationers loved a firsthand experience of what it was like to live in these areas in those years during the reenactment.


After the American Revolution, the British General, Lord Charles Cornwallis introduced martial law in these places. Britain had been a power to reckon with during those times and those that dared raise their voices against this mighty power suffered innumerable trails and tribulations. This was the day and age recreated at Colonial Williamsburg this weekend ending on June 26th. Sightseers were treated to the enlightening events, activities and demos centering around life during the 1781 British occupation here.

Highlights of the Under the Redcoat events

Activities that formed an element of the Under the Redcoat weekend consisted of performances by some of the top names in Broadway. Grammy winner Doug Katsaros and Emmy nominee lyricist William Schermerhorn provided an exclusive concert created for the Colonial Williamsburg visitors. The program consisted of the assorted musical trends from all over the U.S.A, incorporating country, rock, pop, blues and swing. Presented by a Broadway star studded cast, that was definitely a ‘not to miss’ presentation.

Aside from this, vacationers could also watch the drills and exercises, artillery demonstrations plus parades that the British soldiers conducted when they occupied these parts. A dragoon demonstration and firing contest highlighted the knowledge of the British troops. The incidences that followed- the declaration of martial law, giving freedom to enslaved Virginians who consented to join British troops, the marching in of the Provost Guard- these were the highlights of the actual re-enactment.

Traveling Back in Time at Williamsburg

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