Anyone who has either a brother or a sister will be familiar with the concept of sibling rivalry.It could stem from the desire to be the “favourite” or simply be the result of the natural competition between people, especially those living in close proximity. “Blood is thicker than water” they say, but that doesn’t always mean that sibling relationships are peaceful and loving, It is entirely true that we can’t pick and choose who is in our family, but you can at least pick and choose the right gift at Christmas of all times of year that will help you and your sibling live together peaceably despite your differences.

Consider approaches that will bury the hatchet this Christmas and get Christmas gifts for sisters that treat her as a person in her own right and not just your relative.Without sounding too incestuous, remember that a woman lurks underneath those freckles and pony tails you used to pull.  Of course, if you adopt the “buy for the person and not the sibling” tack, then the ideal beauty gifts for women would be to give her time to herself in the self indulgence of a spa day.If it’s from a brother, she’ll probably never consider it because that might be just a little too intimate, especially if she has a partner.

In that case, get much the same effect with beauty products now available from some leading spas that make excellent Christmas gift ideas.  The Sanctuary Spa at Covent Garden for example has its Pamper Hamper which costs between £30 and £40 and contains a range of spa-quality products “as used” in the spa’s own treatments.These products will at least allow her to recreate the indulgent treatments she would have experienced if her partner had been as thoughtful and evidently as saintly as you!That should keep her confused enough to guarantee some peace for a few months!

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