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A Quick Guide On Writing A Sympathy Card

Writing a sympathy card is one of the sincerest and most memorable way to extend your condolences to someone who has just lost a loved one. While in most situations, people would send some flowers, still nothing can compare to the level of personal touch that a sympathy card can give.

There are a wide range of sympathy or funeral card choices in many Melbourne funeral services which are mostly commercially manufactured. These cards have pre-written messages in them, either a verse or a quotation. These messages can be taken from the Bible or from inspiration quotes. Either way, the message will usually be generalized and deal with the topic of losing someone. But the thing is this is less personal compared to a self-written message.

There is something more special when you write a sympathy card yourself. Your friend, or whoever will be receiving it will surely feel touched by such a wonderful gesture. You can even make it more personal by not printing your message. A cursive, handwritten message will still be the best style. Your friend will find your funeral card very memorable and therefore worthy to be kept. she would even go out of her way just to thank you for it.

1. Consider the quality of the paper or card that you will be using.

The funeral cards that you can buy in any shop is made from good quality paper or card. If you are going to create your own personalized card, it is best if you can use the same type of material or at least one that is closest to it. A thicker piece of paper is not easily damaged and therefore can be kept longer.

You must also select a card that is non-acidic to make sure that it will last for a really long time. This is important especially if the receiver would want to keep the card forever. If you are not sure if the card is non-acidic, just ask the store owner or merchandiser.

2. Choose a good quality ink.

Carefully choose the ink that you will be using. Select an ink that you are sure will last longer and stay vivid longer. Use black ink as much possible and resort only to a blue one if the former is not available. You should avoid using any other color since colors have their own meanings, it could be misunderstood when seen by other people.

3. Address the sympathy card to the correct receiver.

Believe it or not, but a lot of people forget to address the card to any person or if they do, they often generalize by simply addressing it to the family as a whole. While the last one is okay, it is preferred if you can address your funeral card or condolence letter to the closest relative of the deceased.

4. Write from the heart.

Do you personally know the deceased? Then write about the good times that you both shared or how the person became an inspiration to you. Always put the deceased person in a good light to bring a sense of pride to the family that was left behind.

5. Make the message short and sweet.

Make your sympathy card message as short and as sincere as you can make it. Create a draft first before you actually write on the card. This way, you can lessen the chances of committing mistakes and doing it all over again.

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