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Heisner’s Newest Publication- A compilation of previous works

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The Freemasons: A History of the World’s Most Powerful Secret Society

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The Secrets of Hiram Abif: A “Key” to Understanding Masonic Symbolism

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Advanced Meditations on Masonic Symbolism

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The Marriage You Always Wanted Book

Relationships really matter. Hints why Marriage is a huge topic and why it matters that our marriages are healthy and growing.

I'm sure you've heard of Gary D. Chapman before " The Five Love Languages " Gary Chapman, ring a bell?? Yes, he is fabulous. His wisdom in relationships is unmatched. Have you heard of this book? This really caught my attention because marriage is a life long commitment and I don't know about you , but my spouse and I want to glorify God with this gift, grow together, serve together, and love together. Need some things to change in your marriage. Add this book to your collection! Remember your wedding day-After the leftover wedding cake has been consumed and the thank-you notes written, the blissful couple often uncovers some jarring realities: a trail of dirty socks on the floor, conflicting opinions on how much money is too much for a bottle of shampoo and a general wonderment at the question, 'What does it mean to merge the worlds of two very different people?'In an updated version of Toward a Growing Marriage, beloved relationship expert and marriage counselor Gary Chapman offers his trademark practical wisdom on the many issues young married couples face. His basic message: to enjoy 'the marriage you've always wanted,' we have to be the person Jesus has always wanted us to be. He looks at such areas as meaningful communication, expectations about 'who does what' around the house, and the challenges of things like money management. 'Your Turn' questions inspire further interaction between wives and husbands. This book makes a superb sequel to The Five Love Languages as it takes the 'next step' in making selfless relationships a reality. Take this challenge to make the reality of a thriving marriage become a real thing in your marriage.


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Lending Kindle Books Will Soon Be Feasible

A key factor in the massive success of the Amazon Kindle reader has always been the massive number of Kindle titles available for consumers to choose from. At the moment, there are over 725,000 Kindle books for Kindle owners to choose from. Amazon also offer 1.8 million out of copyright books which can be downloaded to the Kindle free of charge.

Apart from making plenty of reading material available for Kindle owners, Amazon has also made every effort to allow readers to enjoy Kindle books without a Kindle reader. This has been achieved by the release of a number of free Kindle apps which allow Kindle books to be read on a variety of different devices.

At this time, there are free Kindle apps for the Windows PC, the Apple Mac, any device which runs the Android Operating System, the iPad, the iPhone and Blackberry's smart phone. It almost seems as if Amazon is its own competitor at first glance - but the fact is that all of these free apps are very effective retail outlets for Kindle books.

Amazon has just announced that, in the near future, Kindle owners will be able to "lend" each other ebooks. Amazon has not confirmed the exact date - but it should start prior to the year end.

Users will have the possibility of lending Kindle books that they've enjoyed to their friends and family for a fortnight at a time. The "borrower" can read the book using their Kindle - exactly as if they had bought it themselves. The original purchaser will be unable to access the book whilst it is "lent out". Exactly the same as a conventional book in fact.

Some books will be incapable of being lent out. The publisher will have the final say as to whether or not any particular Kindle book may or may not be lent out. It will be interesting to see if the publishing houses react differently to this.

Amazon has also advised that all of the devices for which free Kindle apps exist, will soon have support for newspapers and magazines as well as Kindle books. Initially, the Apple devices will be activated, followed by Android and desktop applications.

Over the last eighteen months or so, the ebook reader and ebook market has really taken off. The ebook market is still developing - but the public seems to have accepted ebooks already. This latest development by Amazon brings ebooks even closer to the functionality of conventional books. Apart from balancing the leg of a wobbly table or pressing flowers, ebooks can now do just about anything that conventional books can. It’s a big step forward for ebook readers and ebooks readers which will help them to become even more widely accepted by the public.