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Archive for September, 2010

Military – Our Military Soldiers Are Facing Addiction And Post Traumatic Stress

Being a hero of war is not an easy thing. You are putting your life on the line for your country every single day. Not only could you lose your life, but you could possibly end up wounded without being able to provide for yourself or your family. Just the thought of these ideas is enough to cause someone to have a nervous breakdown, but for troops who have to endure them, it can all too often be too much. That is why soldiers are extremely at risk for PTSD. Many soldiers then take the step of trying to cope with PTSD, instead of seeking help. They do this through a variety of methods, but most of them end in addiction.

Other elements within 22 SAS include a Operations Research Cell which develops new techniques and equipment and a Training Wing which handles selection and training for the regiment.

Roles of the Special Air Service

22 SAS is perhaps best known for its counter-terrorism (CT) role. The British public first heard of the Regiment when, live on television, B Squadron brought a siege of the Iranian Embassy in London to a dramatic end in 1980. Each squadron within 22 SAS six-months on CT duty, on permanent standby to respond to terror incidents at home or abroad.

The person who experiences a PTSD episodes could be thinking that they are in an entirely different area, country, or situation. You need to try to calm them down, but avoid confronting them. They could be experiencing a flashback and try to attack you. It would not matter if you were their mother, they will continue to attack you until their episode ends. You need to also realize that sometimes it can be a trigger that causes the event to happen. Most of the time it is not going to be an out of the blue occurrence, something will make them snap back to where they experienced stress or a horrific situation.

Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances by people who are having PTSD episodes. This is not only because it is easy to get, but because it makes them feel that they are able to wash away their problems. Alcohol is one of the worst substances that they could be using simply because it further depresses them. This could lead to suicidal thoughts, or other mental health issues.

Drug use is another major problem among soldiers. This is not because they typically hang around with people who have drugs, but they have enough money to purchase drugs. Most soldiers have extra income and people who sell drugs will be able to capitalize on that. Some drugs can cause soldiers to further hallucinate when they are having a PTSD episode. This could lead them to further think that the situation is real and cause real harm to themselves or the community.

Luckily there is hope for these soldiers. PTSD can be treated through therapy, counseling and contact with a doctor. If a soldier is experiencing an addiction they can talk with a addiction counselor who can put them into a treatment program that will assist them in becoming clean

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John Eldredge’s Captivating

John and Stasi Eldredge are both into adventure, heroism, and romance.. This is a book that peers into the heart of a woman and how God has made them.

Eldredge is the founder and the director of Ransomed Heart Ministries in Colorado, and is the author of five other books including, Wild at Heart. John's wife Stasi co-wrote this book with him and is also very involved in their Ransomed Heart Ministries they started.

The book jacket of Captivating states that what Wild at Heart did for men, Captivating is supposed to do for women. They say every woman was once a little girl. And every little gal holds in her heart and soul her most precious dreams. Eldredge explains that woman have three core desires like, to play an irreplaceable role in a grand adventure, to be swept off her feet in a romance, and to be the Beauty in the story.

“What were the things that romanced your heart as a girl?The authors ask the readers. Was it daisy's in a field?? Was it the fragrance of the air after a summer rain? Was it a favorite book like The Secret Garden? Or the first snow of winter??This book digs deep into how God formed a woman in a beautiful different way than a man. The main point of this read is " Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul " ."

Hitting on subjects like how many women especially christian women are tired, overwhelmed, struggling under the weight of the pressure of being a " good servant " , a, nurturing  caregiver, a capable home manager, getting lost into the expectations of the pressures on them as women, but instead this book is a great tool in taking a stand in how God formed women to be and recapturing that picture in their own lives. This book is a reminder that to combat demands and duty to not take away our joy and heart. I suggest this book to any of you who are tired woman and to you who know of a tired woman in your life that needs to recapture her captivating heart.

Reading through this book gave me great perspective in all the good things God has put into me as a woman, sometimes the world can tell you it's silly or bad, but through reading this book I felt like something was revived in me. I love this wife and husband team writing team in this book and suggest it as a very helpful tool for any woman. This is an easy and quick read because you want to keep reading its restoring words.

So I invite you to take a journey in this book,  a journey of discovery and healing. With hope and anticipation I hope this book brings you closer to God's heart and your own.

Take the challenge and pick up Captivating

The Beginners Bible

Need a to find a fun way to share God's truth with your kids?! This Bible makes the Bible stories come to life in a new way.

The best-selling Bible storybook is a classic-- over 5 million sold! Introduce children to the stories of the Bible through vibrant art and compelling words—it’s full of life and fun~Introduce children to the stories of the Bible through vibrant art and compelling words—it’s full of life and fun~Introduce kids to these stories of the Bible through vibrant art and compelling text—it’s full of life and fun~{Introduce kids to the stories of the Bible through vibrant art and compelling text—it’s full of life and fun}~Introduce children to the stories of the Bible through vibrant pictures and compelling text—it’s full of life and fun~Introduce children to the stories of this Bible through vibrant art and compelling text—it’s full of life and fun~{Introduce kids to the stories of the Bible through vibrant art and compelling words—it’s full of life and fun}~Introduce kids to the stories of the Bible through vibrant art and compelling words—it’s full of life and full of fun~Introduce kids to the stories of the Bible through the vibrant art and compelling words—it’s full of life and fun~Introduce kids to the stories of the Bible through vibrant art and compelling words—it’s full of life and fun of course}!t is a good Bible for children who are learning to read,This is a Bible that has been the perfect teaching tool .

The illustrations are vibrant and engaging, the text is appropriate for young readers, and the division of stories comes at the right spacing for brief attention spans. This is a fantastic introduction to young kids to the Bible.The illustrations are also simple, and very "cartoonish" which catches a childs eye. This book makes a great gift! This will become a favorite of any child that gets it.ntroduce children to the incredible stories and characters of the Bible with this best-loved Bible storybook.This is a great collection of bible classic stories!

If a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc.. is looking for a readable and understandable biblical text, this is the one. The pictures are cute. The stories are great for the preschool and older age group. I purchased one for each kid in our preschool and the parents were thrilled. A nice complement to a child's "library" and a good starting point to spin off to those moral and biblical questions.


The colors of this book and the way they have really thought about their young readers really is impressive. If you're looking for a tool to show truth to your young kids or a gift to a young child this would be it. The illustrations draw you in, and yes, I'm above age 5, but It still had me very entertained.

Overall, "The Beginners' Bible" is the best attempt yet to bring Jesus' love to His youngest, and most treasured ones, and is a book to read or be read to. HIGHLY recommended for families with young children. Full of faith and fun!

Get this Beginner's Bible today as a gift, or even a tool for your kids!

Innovative 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

It is time tested problem to decide on a perfect gift for an individual about to step into the 60th year. This period is considered to be a magical one when one looks ahead for more interesting happenings in life. The perfect 60th birthday gift ideas should normally be comical, out of the ordinary and certainly with an emotional tinge. As my brother-in-law is the lucky guy entering 60, my relations are desirous of gifting him customized 60th birthday gifts which would be treasured as mementos.


While on the subject, my friend recalled the admirable gift I and our group had presented to her grandfather on his birthday which had enthralled him to no end. They were glassware, hip flask, beer mug, books and other specially prepared mementos. According to him, these were cherished and highly prized items for him. I found the gift ideas appealing but my sister came up with other equally exciting gifts such as 60th birthday schooner glass gifts. It is a real Aussie beer glass which makes drinking beer in parties a real fun. It is also a great memento and a treasured item by any 60th birthday celebrant.


Other bright ideas include heavy duty beer glass complete with ringing bell which is funny and becomes all the more hilarious when the bell rings for a re-fill. The gift box is equally attractive. The Windsor fine bone China mug adorned with a dangling silver heart engraved with a symbol 60 is highly adorable. It is embedded with diamantes to add additional sparkle to the receiver’s eyes. Similarly other birthday gift ideas include glass frame sets or the photo frame. This glittering set has words of celebration engraved on it and can hold photos of loved ones bringing fond memories.


Alternative thrilling items include grand-parents’ photo frame that could be further customized by enclosing adorable pictures of grand-children or pets. These frames come in contemporary designs inclusive of aluminum that display a unique and elegant look. The pen set is another cherished gift item that is deeply appreciated as a keepsake. The sets could be stunning in appearance yet practical constituting of silver pen embossed with the message “Happy Birthday”. They also come with sparklers and key rings signifying the celebrant’s stepping into 60th year.


The exclusive birthday gift items display to the celebrants how much affection and love one has for the special person. It also commemorates a landmark event with a special gift for a cherished individual.

Unique Gifts For Dad Which Will Make Him Smile

Gifts are one of the best ways to elicit our love. The idea of the gift we choose speaks volumes about our feelings for our loved ones. Dad, who is so caring and loving and has taught us the meaning of life, holds a special place in our life. There are several occasions like Father’s day, Christmas, birthday or wedding anniversary, on which we can give him special gifts as our acknowledgement of his love for us.


Father’s Day is celebrated in Australia on the first Sunday of the month of September with great enthusiasm. Birthdays in Australia have the same importance as in any other countries. For a father’s birthday, children buy thoughtful gifts for Dad to make them feel loved.


Beautifully designed champagne glasses are available in different shapes and sizes. A fine champagne glass can never loose its charm. These can be wonderful gift for dad on any occasion, particularly during Christmas.


Certain novelty gifts like exclusively designed birthday keys, designer belt buckles and bipod glass are universally favorite. Knowing about Dad’s preferences will help us a lot while buying gifts for him.


Wacky gifts like beer drinking hat or a beer holding belt are few of the gifts that are loved by all.Few items which make for a sensible gift for anniversaries and birthdays are digital photo albums, photo frames


. Apart from these occasions, other occasions can also b captured in them.While choosing a gift for Dad, it is not the expense, but the thought that matters. Try gifting him something that he can use and can cherish it as a sweet gift of love from you. He certainly doesn’t expect or is bothered by the value of the gift, but one thing he for sure craves is, expression of love from us.