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Archive for August, 2010

Blue Like Jazz By Donald Miller

Being an avid fan of books, I decided to finally give into the numerous suggestions of my friends and read Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz.

Miller's book isn't the greatest ever written, but is a solid look at the world of Christianity..

One of Miller's best qualities is his writing style.. Miller often uses his own personal stories to help show what God has revealed to him..

[ReviewAZON asin="B0030ATNUK" display="inlinepost"]I liked Miller's incredibly personal writing style..

If it has happened to you, then Miller has probably written about it in this book.. Miller presents himself in a way that shows that he doesn't view himself as all-knowing..

One of his best lines from Blue Like Jazz is from page 152. He admits his own shortcomings when he says "I am something of a recluse by nature. I am that cordless screwdriver that has to charge for twenty hours to earn ten minutes use.”

When I first read that, I couldn’t help but burst out into laughter because I myself have felt that way at times.

Several critics feel that Miller neglects Christianity at several points in this book..

But I think they fail to see the truth in Miller's words.. Perhaps most people are used to the “this is how you live your life better” approach to writing.

It is obvious that Miller's experiences have made him aware to the importance of knowing God..

I promise that if you give this book a chance, you will find Miller’s journey somewhat relatable to your life. Miller does not hold anything back in his writing..

If you are looking for a new reading experience, pick up Donald Miller Blue Like Jazz. While he may not be the most elegant writer, his works are definitely relatable and understandable..

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Christian Mystery Books – Learning Through Suspense

Spirituality and literature used to be two completely contrasting concept in the past, but not anymore. This is because present [ReviewAZON asin="B002TG4PEA" display="inlinepost"]day Christian authors made sure in themselves that the books they will write will give the same amount of entertainment as the usual books released in the market. For them to do this, most of them needed to conform to the modern-day writing concepts. Christian mystery books are only one of the most successful published works of these authors that a lot of people have loved.

Though they may not sound as tough and as straightforward as other thriller books, Christian mystery books are just equally as good.. They have the same elements that keep readers interested and hooked up. They both have interesting story lines that include a lot of mind-bothering events and roller coasters of suspense. They even both have interesting characters whose lives are really worth keeping an eye on. Then again, there is still one specific thing that parts typical mystery books from Christian mystery books, and it is the context of spirituality.

But these religious context that Christian mystery books offer is not the same religious context that most of the world has come to conclude. In the past, anything that has something to do with religion or Christianity in particular is not even close to interesting. But looks like those opinions and conclusions are left behind nowadays, as even non-Christians admit that their interests have been captured by Christian mystery books.

Perhaps what really upholds these mystery books is that they are written for Christian purposes and not for the common wants. Unlike most mainstream fictions that we encounter, Christian books are written to channel important life messages only by means of stories. Whereas, for most mystery books, their main purpose is to amaze the public and gather praises for the author’s writing skills and styles.

However, even if Christian mystery books are not weaved to be mere sources of amusement, they also give their fair share of entertaining tactics for their readers. As a matter of fact, their spiritual inclination is actually one of their greatest assets. And just like what I have said, there are even a lot of non-Christians who can prove to you that Christian books are truly exceptional.

[ReviewAZON asin="B002NXORWO" display="inlinepost"]If you would like to start your Christian mystery adventure right away, Don Brown books will be a good way to start, as Brown is among the top Christian writers. And with the help of these writers, a lot of people have found their way back to the Holy Father. Christian books, whether they be Christian mystery books or not, would be the best way to enhance your literary knowledge as you learn to grow closer to God every single second.

Written by Joanne, also visit Cross Pendants and Everyday Life Bible.

Diamond Earrings : A Short Guide For Buyers

The most important thing to learn about before you venture out diamond earring shopping is the four C's. By learning about the [ReviewAZON asin="B003YWQQ3G" display="inlinepost"]four C's you can find some diamond earrings that you will really love and which are genuinely worth the money you spend on them.

Clarity - The first of the four C's is clarity. Now you may be wondering what exactly is clarity? Well, clarity refers to whether or not there are flaws in the diamond. A diamond that is free from flaws will reflect the light and shine brighter than a diamond that contains flaws. Other diamonds that contain many flaws are generally used for purposes other than jewelry. The highest class of diamond is the F-class. F-class diamonds are found to be flawless.

Color - When talking about the four C's color does not mean colored diamonds. Diamonds that are blue, pink, or red are not on this scale. Instead this color category is a measurement of how much yellow is in the diamond. This measurement is then given a letter rating between D and Z. Diamonds with a D rating are considered to be free from this yellow tint, or colorless. Many people can not afford diamonds that are colorless, but they are well worth the price tag.

Cut - There are many different cuts that a diamond can have. Some of these cuts include round, square, emerald, oval, marquis, pear, and heart. Another factor when discussing cut is how many facets the diamond has. The more facets the more light the diamond will reflect making these diamonds more expensive.

Carat - Now we all know people want the biggest diamond that they can find. Large diamonds are much harder to find which is why they cost remarkably more than smaller diamonds. Do you know what the carat size means? A carat is equivalent to 0.2 g [ReviewAZON asin="B003QVSS5Y" display="inlinepost"]which means carat size actually refers to the weight of the diamond not the size.

This summary should help you on your way to a fantastic diamond earrings purchase. However, there is also a wealth of further information on diamonds too. Since they are a large investment, spend the time to do additional research before making a final decision. If the time is spent now to determine the best diamonds you can afford, you will be pleased with your new diamond earrings for many years in the future.

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